How to clean your essential oil diffuser?

An essential oil diffuser can help give your home a pleasant scent. However, they require regular cleaning. After each use, give your essential oil diffuser a thorough wash. Once a month, deep clean your diffuser. Be vigilant about cleaning to avoid the buildup of gunk and grime in your diffuser.


1. Fill your diffuser with water. Use clean, room temperature tap water. Fill the tank about halfway full.


2. Add 10 drops of white vinegar. White vinegar cleans, disinfects and helps break down any oils stuck inside the diffuser.  Add approximately 10 drops of white vinegar to your tank.

Make sure you use pure white vinegar. You shouldn’t use anything with chemical additives on a diffuser.


3. Run the diffuser for 10 to 15 minutes. Plug in your diffuser and turn it on. Let it run for 10 to 15 minutes. This will loosen up any oils stuck on the side of the diffuser.


4. Dump out the water. After running the diffuser, unplug it. Dump out any water from the tank down the sink, the same way you would when normally using the diffuser.


5. Wipe down the inside of the diffuser. Use either a soft cloth, cotton swab, or small brush to wipe down the diffuser’s tank. Target any stuck on grime on the sides of the tank. These can dilute smells when you use your diffuser.

Make sure to wipe any grime off the mist chip on your diffuser. If this is blocked, it can cause a diffuser to run improperly.


6. Wipe down the outside of the diffuser. Once the inside is clean, take a soft rag, cotton swab, or brush dampened with water. Wipe off any dirt, debris, or smudges like fingerprints from the diffuser.

Be careful not to get any water into the buttons or under the machine.

Avoiding Common Mistakes


1. Read your manufacturer’s instructions first. Most diffusers can be safely cleaned using the methods above. However, every diffuser is different. Yours may have special cleaning instructions, so refer to these when cleaning the diffuser.


2. Remove water and oil after each use. The longer you let water and oil sit in a diffuser, the harder it will be to clean. Each time you clean your diffuser, dump out any excess water or oil. This will keep your diffuser clean, cutting back on cleaning time.


3. Unplug and empty your diffuser before cleaning. Never start cleaning your diffuser when it’s still plugged into the wall. Each time you clean, unplug your diffuser. If there is any water or oil sitting in the diffuser, dispose of this before cleaning. 

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